“We value our reputation as a measure of our integrity; we aspire to be industry leaders, and finding a printer that believes in the same values is very hard to come by or they just don’t exist. It is an honor to say that Snowman Printing stands by their reputation, their family values and their integrity shine through time and time again. In today’s economy, finding ways to cut costs seems to be a high priority and having to worry about paying too much for printing is not something we here at Cianbro have to worry about. The Snowman Group goes the extra mile to help find the best solution for our projects and even gives ideas on how to help us save even more money. From a technical standpoint the graphic arts department is top-notch. They can accommodate both PC and MAC environments and are able to transfer files effortlessly. To succeed in today’s economy you need a TEAM, and we our proud to say that The Snowman Group has earned a spot on our team.” Michael Brooks Creative Services Manager Cianbro Corporation