“I have managed this company for twelve years. Before me the former owner and founder of our company had been doing business with Snowman for twenty years; thirty-one years of successful commerce. In my mind, that by itself speaks to the quality and continuity of operation that you have built and maintained and that we rely upon. But more than that is the congeniality of the relationship between you, me, Rich, Dan and Betty in your office. When I make contact with you and them I can always count on a pleasant exchange so that I leave with a smile on my face. And it has always been that way for my twelve years. Presently, as different business situations have arisen, your company has suggested and participated in solutions that have been a win-win for both of us. Snowman’s has handled things “ahead of the curve” maintaining a positive relationship which is much appreciated.” Bob Dion, Jr. Awards, Signage & Trophies The Snowman Group excels in customer service, professionalism, team-work and high quality printing services. Axiom Technologies is pleased to work with The Snowman Group, it’s a great partnership! Susan Corbett, CEO Axiom Technologies