“The Snowman Group is an extraordinary company because they do unparalleled work; they do it by engaging top- notch, committed people; they seek out opportunities for expansion, including bringing work into the state; and they do it all with a concern for the larger community in which they operate. Snowman’s delivers a great product. In the printing side of the shop, they cannot be beat on quality. Integrating them into the planning of your project beginning with design concept is always time well spent, as they have such a deep knowledge base and a desire to keep costs reasonable. On the mail house side of the business, The Snowman Group is fast, accurate, and nimble in response to changing job requirements. I recall a situation a client faced. They had been working with an out- of state printer that informed them they were going to miss a crucial mailing deadline. My first call was to Craig Gadeberg, the salesman at Snowman’s with whom I have worked for ten years now. Craig made arrangements to transport the materials from the other mail house in New York, went personally to the warehouse on a Saturday at 5:30 a.m. to accept shipment, and got the mailing done and out ahead of time. It was unbelievable that Craig and the Snowman’s whole printing and mail house team would go so far out of their way to help solve a problem for an organization that was not even their customer beforehand. It is that kind of service that sets this company apart consistently from competitors. Maine should be proud to have business and community leaders like the Armstrongs and The Snowman Group who are committed to excellence in all that they undertake.” Erica R. DeVries, Senior Vice President CCS Fundraising