“It has been our pleasure to work with The Snowman Group for over 20 years. Due to the experience and knowledge of Snowman’s staff, we saved hundreds of dollars per issue on our newsletter - in mailing costs alone. Snowman’s is a stress-free experience and produces quality materials. As a Non-Profit Organization, we search for value in our printing and mailing services that not only fit our very tight budget but also result in excellent service to our clients and our mission. We know that when we need a job done right, on time and on budget, The Snowman Group are the people to call.” Noelle Merrill Executive Director Eastern Area Agency on Aging “When I started at Johnny’s Selected Seeds five years ago, all of the manuals for Tools and Supplies were printed in-house. As the company grew, we made the decision to have a printer take over production of the manuals. I worked with Snowman in my previous job and knew that I wanted to continue to do business with them. Snowman now prints a number of manuals for Johnny’s and will be printing more as we continue to grow. They have also printed brochures and worked on direct mail campaigns with our Marketing Department. Their turnaround time is amazing! We know if we call them up and need something right away they can do it, including in-person deliveries!” Debbie Peppard Purchasing Department Johnny’s Selected Seeds An employee-owned company