“In working with Snowman for over ten years now, we can say with utmost sincerity that Snowman provides consistent quality service and workmanship. They are punctual with deadlines, provide ease of communication, and apply best practices of customer relationship. Their personalized service is always there with the friendly and helpful approach they take with us, even when there are deadlines to meet and changes or corrections to be made (which is rare). We very much appreciate having been able to establish a decade-long rapport with our project manager/sales rep. At a time when so many of us are turning to online services to provide cheap, quick products or services, Camp Beech Cliff has chosen to stay with a “tried and true” thing here in Maine. Having a local provider for our printing needs works for all of us. In return, Snowman gives back to the community by supporting local non-profit organizations. We are always most grateful for their business support of our program that gets Maine kids outdoors through our summer camp and school year programs.” Debra Deal Executive Director Camp Beech Cliff