“It is a great pleasure to recommend The Snowman Group. NH Bragg has been a customer of The Snowman Group for many years and has enjoyed working with their team immensely. During the three years I have personally worked with The Snowman Group I can unequivocally state that they have met and exceeded all my expectations for their role as a business partner with our company. The Snowman Group is a valuable business partner. They make the work we do easier by consistently helping our company cut costs and streamline our processes without compromising service. They adapt to our needs and always find a solution to fit our budget. The Snowman Group values the relationship they have built with NH Bragg and refuses to sacrifice that relationship to make a few extra dollars. We particularly value our relationship with Craig Gadeberg, our sales representative from The Snowman Group. Craig is one of the most attentive and efficient sales persons I have ever met in the printing industry. He is an incredibly personable, hard-working individual who pays attention to what we need and makes recommendations on how to produce a better marketing piece in the most cost effective manner. He and the company also believe in value added services. For example, our counter crew and sales staff often use scratch pads. As one method to help cut our costs, we retain our scrap paper and The Snowman Group turns them into scratch pads for us at no cost. It is a simple gesture that saves us money and is good for the environment. The quality of their work is superb. The Snowman Group takes great measures to ensure that each publication is of the utmost quality. They realize the items they produce are a reflection of NH Bragg and their work is flawless. Even by taking extra steps to ensure product quality, they are incredibly quick to turn a project around, always get us our materials before we need them, and the projects always turn out perfectly.” Jon Eames, President NH Bragg