Mark Armstrong EVP & CFO Ed Armstrong Chairman Rich Armstrong President To our many Customers and Friends: Our company has been blessed with wonderful clients and within the pages of this booklet you will read some of the comments that they have made on our behalf. We thank them for their letters, their business and their loyalty. This booklet would not be possible without them. We have signs in our building which read, “The BIG Picture is Customer Satisfaction.” This is not just a clever slogan to be read and forgotten. It is the hallmark of our company because it reminds each of us at The Snowman Group that we must be vigilant to give our customers only our very best. The efforts we expend in striving for excellence, in what we do for our customers, inevitably comes back to us a thousand fold in their loyalty and satisfaction. We dedicate this Booklet to our Customers and our loyal and hard-working fellow employees. Thank you to all for making this possible. Respectfully, The Armstrong Family