KISS CUT This is an image of a round cornered rectangle. As you can see the corners have a radius and there is spacing between labels on the roll. The spacing between labels allows for a perforation and will allow the label art to bleed without affecting the next label on the roll. SQUARE CORNER W/ A BLEED & TAB We call this a phased butt cut. We use 2 pieces of tooling to create a small strip of label stock between each label where the artwork can bleed. This requires additional tooling and an additional cost, but gives you the flexibility of the square corner and the ability to bleed. Hand application only. The excess strip will not be removed prior to shipping. SHEETED W/ TAB A small tab of excess material left on one side of the sheet to allow for easy removal of the label from its liner. SQUARE CORNER W/ STOCK BORDER Also called butt cutting, this method uses a tool that scores the label stock in a continuous roll. There is no space between labels and no extra area to the roll width. The lack of spacing requires the artwork to be set in slightly, giving the label a natural border. This technique is great when you can’t find the exact die size you want in one of the kiss cut programs because you can select the width you want and then pick from a variety of available repeats. Hand application only. T Y P E S O F D I E C U T T I N G 34