S T A N D A R D C O L O R P A L E T T E Colors shown are representative only; see Sales Associate for color equivalency chart. Colors will vary depending on face stock used. Samples of ink on different materials are available upon request. We do not recommend white or pastel color imprint on the colored materials. S U P E R F O I L™ P A L E T T E These colors are representative of metallic imprints. MATTE COLORS HOLOGRAPHIC FOILS C O L O R M A T C H E S A V A I L A B L E See Sales Associate for availability and additional charge details. maroon sky blue grey pastel green red forest green cool grey pastel pink pink dark green silver pastel yellow rhodamine shamrock red-orange pastel blue purple blue-green orange goldenrod violet brown yellow light grey dark blue bronze white ivory aqua blue gold black spring green AVAILABLE IN SELECT PROGRAMS - see programs for availability red red yellow dark blue dark green light blue light green orange pink brown barn red red-orange white black copper Pillars of Light blue teal Silver Holo Glitter purple gold Silver Holo Cracked Ice aqua silver pink green 2