9 Samples not shown to size. See pg. 34 for die lines not shown here. 7 Samples not shown to size. 5 9 S Q U A R E C U T L A B E L S Samples not shown to size. Chartreuse Fluorescent White EDP Smudgeproof Green Fluorescent Pink Fluorescent Red Fluorescent Orange Fluorescent White Gloss Ultra Removable Clear Poly White Poly White Litho or Gloss Opaque White Litho or GlossRemovable Gold Foil Dull or Shiny Brown Kraft Silver Foil Dull or Shiny H O W T O O R D E R Choose your shape and size Choose your material Choose your imprint ink Help us process your order quickly, see the HOW TO ORDER steps on the back inside cover. 1 3 2 maroon sky blue grey pastel green pastel pink pastel yellow pastel blue goldenrod light grey ivory spring green red forest green cool grey pink dark green silver purple blue-green orange violet brown yellow dark blue bronze white aqua blue gold black rhodamine shamrock red-orange White Litho or White Gloss Yellow Litho or Yellow Gloss Additional stocks (15% upcharge). Additional stocks (50% upcharge).